Friday, March 04, 2005

BT's Dream Recall - 1/9/05

I came back to my apartment around 6:30 this morning. Instead of getting into bed which I should have done, I took the couch, put in a movie and dozed off into the early morning gray.

I had the strangest dreams. In one of them, I was in a city that was a mix between Albuquerque and maybe a coastal town in Orange County. It didn’t feel like San Diego. It was nighttime, and I was meeting my mom and dad at a restaurant – a fast food place like Jack in the Box.

I saw my mom first and she was about to tell me something about my dad and their opinion about my potential move to New Mexico. She was going to say something very secretive, or so it seemed.

“Tell me, mom, tell me!” I pleaded. I felt on the verge of tears. She was too. She was holding something back from me. My dad was not actually in the dream yet, but his presence was. Like he was in the restaurant and on his way out.

I then somehow landed up with a Subway sandwich and was in my truck driving around. I guess I left mom and dad at the other restaurant. I was taking a bite of the sandwich as I drove and bit into a wire like substance. I pulled it out of my mouth and it looked like long hair that clogs the drain or stringy twine. It was disgusting. I spit the part that was in my mouth into the wrapper, turned right around and headed back to Subway to show them.

But as I drove back, I was no longer in the truck. I was on a small bike. It was not even a good bike, but more of a child’s tricycle. All the bolts were very loose and the thing was completely unsteady. I struggled to peddle, my legs straddling the small seat and my shoes hitting the street as I made a revolution. I was wearing my suit pants, a nice shirt, and my nice dress shoes. I was very uncomfortable trying to make that bike go forward as it was hard to peddle and brake. I made the most of it and continued on, determined to get back to the restaurant.

I then found myself on dark, empty streets, but still in that city and in close proximity to civilization. There were people around me, but not near me. I was going down a one lane alley that was a steep decline. I had to press the little handle bars down to brake as opposed to back peddling. I then came up to a steep incline and so I simply jumped off the bike and ran it up the hill.

I didn’t have the sandwich anymore and my focus seemed now more to just get back to where those restaurants were, maybe to meet my parents again.

I then landed up in dark driveway. A dead end. There was a dark house and I could not see anyone. As I turned out of there and headed the other direction, a woman came out from the dark house and turned on the lights. She said something to me, asking where I was going.

I answered her, in Spanish: “Puedo pasar por allá?” Pointing behind her, as though I needed to just get behind her little house.

Another person stood there, saying something to me that it was alright to go past.

Just then, the dark little house became illuminated and I saw that it was a store. It was a strange little shop that had Halloween type items, ghosts, ghouls and goblins. I then saw another woman who worked in the little shop. She was dressed like a witch, following in the theme of store. Then, fade….
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