Thursday, March 10, 2005

Conversation Piece

"Goddamn, it's a hot motherfucker today."
"I hear that. It hasn't been this hot since three summers ago, and it's only March."
"I hear that it may rain again soon."
"It'll give us a break from the heat at least, but I hate the rain."
"I hate the rain and the heat. Why did I move here in the first place?"
"I thought you wanted to become a superstar actor."
"Fuck that."
"Yeah. Fuck that."
"Really I just wanted to get away, to find a new spot, to carve out my own little niche in the world."
"You picked an expensive-ass place for a niche. Why don't you try some place cheaper, like Boise?"
"Cause Boise sucks, that's why. The weather is shit, the people are ugly, the grass is high grade dirt weed at best. Fuck Boise."
"How about some place foreign? It's supposed to be super cheap in Prague."
"I hear they have great beer there, too. And all those Scandinavian bitches are crazy in the sack. I've seen videos."
"Well there you go, then."
"Yeah. Prague it is. What's the weather like there?"
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