Monday, March 07, 2005

From a Hollywood Holiday Inn – March 2, 2005 – late

Misery loves company…. I’m in demand right now. They’re all tugging at me. They all want a little piece. And they’re all telling me what I should or should not do. Don’t kick yourself later. Don’t do something that you can’t take back. No regrets. No worries.

They all have a vested interest in this particular joven. This jovencito. This man-kid. This guy who is not quite a man yet. This man who cannot commit to anything. This guy who, even though he’s got it all figured out, is a pretty bad planner, fairly irresponsible, and worst of all, a dreamer. That, I said, was the first thing that I’ll admit – that I’m just a dreamer A day dreamer. I have delusions of something. I’m an idealist. A romantic. OK, so now I’m that again? A hopeless romantic? No, I don’t think that anymore. Romantic yes, hopeless no.

Misery loves company.

They are all campaigning for me. Do this. I would do that. What do you really want? That’s what you really need to ask yourself.

Thank you for these options. They actually get better. I’m so fortunate to have these. What are these? What are these things that keep coming my way? These chances, these signs, these people, these energies? Why? What are they doing? What are they trying to tell me? That when you are being challenged, that is when you grow. That is when you really get to show what the fuck it’s all about. …

And then, you ask, what is it really all about? There’s just so many little rules. So many ways and means. So many made up conditions and clauses and prices and codes and all these little made up things. They don’t mean anything. They don’t mean anything at all.

Misery loves company loves misery.
Now you are rolling B.
Great job
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