Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hermanos por Vida

Today the Van Steenbergh Express will roar across the Pacific sky, making his way to la Ciudad de los Angeles to catch a visit with his old brothers. To describe what we've been so fortunate to be involved in can be said as nothing less than remarkable, the fact that we are able to maintain what is so difficult for so many; a connection, an inherent relationship that transcends miles and pasts and futures. This is what it means to be a brother--when the paths once again cross and it is as if not a day has passed since sitting on the balcony of Crockett, or standing in front of a fire in a deserted field somewhere as cries of, "Sir I wanna be a Drake, Sir!" echo through the blackness as the next generation battles to make it to the other side of the table. And here we are at phase three, the real proving ground. Where being a man means something entirely different than what it meant when we were but young screaming bleeding hopefuls ourselves, waist deep in frigid waters somewhere near the Texas-Oklahoma border. Now we are Drakes in body, mind and spirit, and our legacy shall perpetuate beyond the edge of our incarnate walking shells.
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