Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Welcome, Pope Benedict XVI!!! TODAY IS YOUR (GOD'S) DAY

Well, the white smoke floated up into the ether today, up from the holiest hole in the roof of the holiest building on earth.

Someone please tell me how a hole can be holy. Tell me how a man, elected by his peers no less, can be chosen to take up the role of the 'closest' mortal to God. In a matter of days, this man, this mortal human with all of the same downsides as the worst of all men, and with all of the flaws of everyone else, no matter how well masked in robes and guilded fabrics and symbology and iconocism, can be selected into that position in such a short time, with so much at stake.

Here are a group of men who condemn the use of condoms even though millions of their Christian converts contract AIDS in Africa. Here are a group of men who are so close to God that they find it acceptible to move a priest from one diocese to another to avoid the controversy that comes with one of their own being accused of inappropriately touching young confused boys. Here are a group of men, human men, who have figured out exactly what God does and does not want, and they are letting us all know.

Which God do they believe in? The one that generates revenues or the one that generates faith? Are they trusting in the Lord Almighty because God is the way and the truth and the light, or is it because God is the way and the truth and the padding of the papal pocket? Kiss the Man's ring, and all of your sins shall be redeemed. Show up bleary-eyed and devastated when the inevitability of death knocks on the Holiest Holy Man's Holy door to pay your respects to someone that your fellow man has determined was so righteous and so penitent that you shall bow before him as you would bow before God Almighty Himself. And then do the same for His Replacement, and His Replacement after him, and His Replacement after that.

Bow down and do what you're told. Otherwise you might find the true God for you, and what a blow that would be to the men in the Red Satin Robes, the ones with the golden collection plates and imaginary spike holes through their wrists. Don't stray from the path that these men have set out for you, or you might just find what it is you've always been looking for...
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