Monday, May 02, 2005

airplane junkie

I’m about to become a member of every frequent flier program out there. I’m going to be an airplane junkie. A traveling salesman. A roving reporter. I’ll wake in one place and fall asleep in the next. I’ll have to get to Mexico again, eventually, and I’ll have to keep seeing my family, and I’ll have to keep the fires burning with my girlfriends in different cities, and then go on more business trips. I’ll be adding value without even knowing it. Slowing putting coins into the giant airline slot machine, waiting one day for the big payoff – the ultimate progressive jackpot valid in ten states and four time zones – when I get a reward from all the airlines, all at once. Southwest, Delta, United, Hawaiian, Frontier, America West, Alaska. Hell, maybe even Aero California will throw one in there. It will be awesome.
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