Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Boy With The Thorn On His Side

I live in what could be considered as a triplex; three small houses situated in the same lot. A young family lives in the house closest to the street, I habituate he middle one and the third one is currently vacant.
There is little interaction between the above mentioned family and I, except when one of us has to move our cars to let the other out; but alas they seem like good people: they have a young son who cant be more than 6 years old and he is the focus of this post.
For the sake of confidentiality I will name this young boy Alberto.
Poor Alberto has had a rough life up to now (and from what I can gather) he seems healthy, he has toys and his parents seem to take good care of him, feed him, clothe him, pamper him; but there is a problem; I don't think that he is over protected or has issues with low self esteem, but he seems to (like thie title of this post suggests) have an invisible thorn stuck on his side.
Alberto cries day and night, he cries because he is scared he cries because he is confused, he cries when he is left alone he cries when he is with company, he probably cries because he feels so sad for himself crying all the time.
Sometimes I am woken up by his yells and banshee screams early early in the morning, he shreeks so loud that if I didnt know his parents (and well the thorn issue) I would testify to the fact that they were burning his small calice less feet with hot irons or that he was subjected to some other mediaeval infomration extraction technique.
I oft feel bad for Alberto and his parents, who, in a very noble and attentive way constantly strive to keep poor Alberto from perpetual weepdome, and I try to think of ways to aleviate Albertos problem; so far I have only come up with one viable solition: leave me alone with Albertos spoiled ass, so I can give him a legitimate reason to whail. Problem solved.
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