Monday, May 23, 2005

Dealing with defeat

There are various ways one can deal with defeat, some pro active others not so.
One conceivable way is to sit down and calmly analyze the situation, and in retrospect detail ones actions in the hope of identifying the potential flaw or flaws in the execution; formulate a plan of action that directly counters these alleged flaws from the root, minimizing thus the margin of future error and in turn the probability of defeat.
Another way might be to go to your closest/ cheapest bar or such establishment and proceed to drown ones sorrow away as quickly and efficiently as possible; replacing the dismay with pure unadulterated inebriation. This second alternative might not serve the purpose of dealing directly with the issue at hand and it might even exacerbate it; but it does have a milenary human appeal that cannot be ignored and that is not likley to subside.
Cheers people
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