Monday, July 04, 2005

Biological Clock a Tikin`

One sometimes wonders what parenthood really entails; does it have to do with paying for diapers or designer footwear that will never really touch the floor and will be grown out of in a few months? Could it be the undescibable feeling that new parents report to have at the first meeting with their newborn children?
P. T. A. meetings, school plays, broken windows, thier first best friend, their first visit to the police station to the museum of art and to an internet porn site? All this turmoil and undoubted activity in the name of propagating the species; A species that, by the way, runs little risk of extinction, especially compared to all others on the planet (with the obvious example that is cockroaches.)
You may ask yourself why is Astro writing all this? What is his point? Are we going to attain a higher degree of enlightenment by the end of this post? Well dear reader, if you really have to ask those questions then it would really take too long for me to explain, and it would be better invested finding myself a future mother for my children.
Furthermore; CUÑÄAA CUÑAAA
Your ending kills me...!!! I can just hear you making that sound, as I'm sure you can see me making that face in that know the one...
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